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Using the Identify tool/HTML Popup Window

October 27 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations, Symbology

I have a feature class with 1500 points, many of them coincident. The associated attribute table contains a "quote" field with 1200 characters. I'd like to publish a map service in which users can click on each point to read the quote. The Identify window will not show all 1200 characters of the quote field, however. If I use the HTML popup, only the first of multiple coincident points will display. I therefore created a representation and dispersed the markers so that users could click on each point separately, a tedious task for those who wish to see all quotes relevant to all coincident points at a given place. Is there a better way?

Mapping Center Answer:

The HTML popup will show the first of the coincident points but will also contain a small arrow in the header bar.  This allows you to cycle through all the features at that point to see the respective attribute information. Dispersing your markers is the optimum way to be able to see all your coincident points though.

HTML Popup and coincident points posted by Claudio Saunt on Nov 6 2011 12:32PM
There is no small arrow in the header bar of the HTML popup window when points are coincident. Any suggestions?
Support posted by Kenneth Field on Nov 9 2011 8:14AM
The description provided is how multiple pop-ups are displayed for features that are coincident. You may like to contact Esri support to investigate this further.

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