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Changing polygon symbology for key data in Data Driven Pages

November 06 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Driven Pages

I have a series of maps to produce showing river catchments. I have 50+ catchments that I want to produce using Data Driven Pages. I need to show surrounding catchments (e.g. light green) and labelled (e.g. dark green) with the key catchment coloured differently (e.g. light blue) and labelled (e.g. dark blue).

Is it possible to change the key catchment polygon to being blues and surrounding catchment polygons to greens as each key catchment becomes the focus of viewing?

Can this be done using python scripting and are there any reference materials available to guide me? I have a short timeframe to achieve this.

Mapping Center Answer:

Yes, this is possible. It is explained in this Mapping Center blog entry: Data Driven Pages. Note that there is also a download accessible from the blog entry that you can use to see how the data driven pages were set up to deal with the map symbology.  With the instructions in the blog entry and the download to work from, you should be easily able to see how this functionality can be applied to your map.

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