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How can I change the default Grid letters (E for East, ..) to BT (Bujur Timur) for local language.

November 16 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design, Page Layout

ArcGIS allows you to create Grids for your maps (that update automatically as you change the scale and map extend) and you can change the style of the Grid Labels. But i could not find how to change the default direction letters (E for East, S for South, N for North) to some other letters. In Indonesian context it should be BT for East, LS for South ..., in spanish it should be O for West (Oeste), ..Hhow can i change those Letters without having to to convert the grid to graphics.

Mapping Center Answer:

It is possible to do this. First, when you create your grid, select its Properties. In the Reference System Properties dialog box you then need to select the Labels tab and then click Additional Properties to open the Grid Label Properties dialog box. Here, there are options to change the Strings including the Easting and Northing suffixes which are set to E and N by default. Clicking OK back through the dialog boxes will save your settings and you could then export your grid for future use if you require.

Could not find the indicated options to change the posted by Patrick Oswald on Nov 16 2011 9:52PM
Thanks for the fast reply to my question. Unfortunately in the indicated Tab
Reference System Properties --> Labels --> Additional Properties there are no options to change the Strings including the Easting and Northing suffixes which are set to E and N by default. In either Projected and graticule grid is not option to change those letters. I am using ArcGIS 9.2 but also my collegue I asked who is using ArcGIS 10 could not find the option at the by you indicated location.
Could you please check again if your advice was correct. thanks
Detail posted by Kenneth Field on Nov 17 2011 12:16PM
Here are more detailed instructions:

1) Add a measured grid to the map using defaults.
2) In the Data Frame Grids properties page click the Style button.
3) Add a Style that that is close to the scale of your map and which contains E, W, N, S references.
4) Still in the Data Frame Grids properties page, click the Properties button.
5) Select the Labels tab.
6) Click the Additional Properties button.
7) Click the Principle Digits tab and change the labels as required.

To save this as a new style:

1) Select the grid in the Data Frame Grid properties page.
2) Click the Style button.
3) Click the Save button.
4) Enter a name for the new style.

The next time you go in and add a grid, you can select the new style you made.

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