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How to display feature name from attribute table in layout view

November 21 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Driven Pages


I'm working with big datasets, and I need to export many small sections. All section showing one object (archeological site). Before every export I need to position to the next feature object, and I need to remove the title text, and re-write the new name. By clicking info tool, copy the new name, paste the new name to the title-box is slowly. Can I make an "object", which linked to a feature class (for example to a polygon layer), and show the name or other attrib from the attrib table in a box?

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Mapping Center Answer:

This is something you could easily do with Data Driven Pages. Just use the archeological sites as the index layer. Then set a margin or scale to provide the extent around each site you want, and use the name of the site as the name for the page. Then you can use dynamic text for the title.

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