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Typographic Maps

November 22 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling

I was looking at Axis Maps gorgeous typographic maps and wanted to try to make my own. I have only looked at Maplex for the moment for doing the roads. It doesn't like me trying to put the labels all on top of each other like that. Which I understand. Maplex is meant to keep my labels from being all up on top of each other. Do you think I could use representations for this? Or am I going to be doing a lot of hand placing labels?

Mapping Center Answer:

Those typographic maps are beautiful works of art.  Unfortunately, ArcGIS label engines are not built to perform labelling tasks that would replicate the effect so manual placement is the only option.  One way of reducing the amount of editing would be to increase the number of duplicate symbols by choosing to place one label per feature part in your labeling settings.  Then you have multiple labels that you can manually place. Check Positioning Labels with the standard label engine for more details.

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