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Error 000864

November 30 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

Hi. I'm working with MODIS data (hdf files). I want to average my values for each country. For this I used zonal statistics, which did not displayed the data in the map the way I wanted - the average value is not distributed uniformly over each subarea and did not provide me with an attribute table either. Then I thought I could first convert my original raster to polygon (to get my attribute table) and then use the zonal statistics tool. When I try to do this I get the error 000864- Input Raster: The input raster is not within the defined domain. Invalid GP data type. I'm new to ArcMap 10 and have tried several tools with the same error. I searched the error online and one of the comments was to convert the values to integer, but also get the same error when I try it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

You mentioned you are using HDF files. Are you converting subdatasets from HDF (which is multipage raster) to raster datasets? If not, then use the Extract Subdataset tool to create a separate raster dataset and use that as input to the Zonal Statistics tool.

You can read more about How Zonal Statistics works and tool usage.

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