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Displaying coordinates in different units in ArcMap

December 02 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

Is there any functional difference in specifying the different units via View > Data Frame Properties > General Tab units or Customize > ArcMap Options > Data View > use differrent units? Also, is it possible to add an additional window where the cursor position is displayed to show two different unit systems, such as meters and DD?


Mapping Center Answer:

On the data frame Properties > General tab, you can set the display units. These are used in various places, such as the status bar. The Options dialog setting is used to overrirde the display units - for the status bar only.

About adding a window to show two different unit systems - no, at least not functionality that is currently available out of the box. It might br something that you could do with ArcObjects though.

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