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Where toolbar customization are saved Normal.mxt vs map documents

December 02 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods


I was wondering if when you create a map in ArcGIS 9.3 and the option "Save customizations to Normal template by default" is unchecked or in ArcGIS 10 and the option "Create new toolbars and menus in the document is checked." Basically when you first start working in an mxd that saves customizations within the mxd. My question is if I want to reverse that option so that the mxd now references the Normal.mxt it doesn't seem to work. I know this for a fact because I deleted my Normal.mxt and reopened the mxd that I reversed the option to now reference the Normal.mxt and it did not generate a blank Normal.mxt file. I am hoping this is a bug that can be fixed easily because when we have network outages and have a map that initially had this option selected ArcMap still tries to save the customizations to the mxd and is unable to. Then when we open the map again we've lost all of our toolbars and it takes a lot of time to recreate them...

Basically I would like to know if you start working on an mxd with the option to save customizations within the document (in 9.3 or 10) can you change it to now reference the Normal.mxt instead or if it was initially created this way the option is set in stone.


Mapping Center Answer:

This is a good question for our Technical Support team -- here is a link to how you can get to them from Mapping Center.

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