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Wrapping Layer Name in Legend

December 05 2011 | 4 comments
Categories: Map Elements


I'd like to know if there's a way to wrap the text of a long layer name in a legend without turning the legend into a graphic. I also tried editing the layer description as suggested in other threads, but this didn't solve my problem for the layer name itself.

I'm running ArcGIS 9.3.1 and was unable to install and run the multiline legend script.


Mapping Center Answer:

This is not currently possible in 9.3.1. or in 10.0, but it is an enhancement that you may be seeing in 10.1. In the meantime, the solution is the one you have already surmised - convert the legend to graphics and edit the text there.

hard return character posted by Sacha Selim on Dec 5 2011 5:35PM
Actually, there is a way to do it without having to convert it to graphics. It uses the hard return character. I can't seem to paste the character into this box, but if you give me your email address I can send you the text file that has the character.
Using the Hard Carriage Return posted by Charlie Frye on Dec 5 2011 6:20PM
If you opt to use a hard carriage return, experience has taught me to make a second field and copy the data into that prior to calculating the hard return into your data (they're hard to see and can surprise you later).
use the layer description option posted by Peter Kasianchuk on Jan 4 2012 11:29AM
I've had some success by using the layer description as the legend text, and doing a cut/paste into the description text box (don't forget to change the legend item style)
Good idea! posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 4 2012 12:26PM
Thanks, Peter! Good idea.

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