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How to add textbox containing map filename (path) and date?

December 09 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS 10, ArcGIS Methods, Data Driven Pages, Labeling

Would like to simply add a textbox which contains the map filename and today's date. Also would like to easily update this info each time I access/edit the map.

Mapping Center Answer:

Here is an update to this answer: You can actually do this without data driven pages if you simply use dynamic text (which you can also use with data driven pages, by the way).

In ArcMap, on the top bar menu, click Insert > Dynamic Text. Use Current Date to add today's date, and use Document Name to add the map filename. Once inserted, you can right click the text and click Properties to edit the appearance. Note that the text tags use "dyn text" to indicate which parts of the text are inserted dynamically. These will update if you change the name of the document or the date that you open it.  You can also edit the text ourside of these tags.

Read more in the online help topic for working with dynamic text.

If you do decide to use data driven pages, then the links in the previous answer will help you:  "You can do this with Data Driven Pages.  There's also a previous Mapping Center blog entry that gives some advice."

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