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Create a coordinate grid layer in ArcMap

April 07 2008 | 10 comments
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How do I create a coordinate grid polygon data set in ArcMap? I read about Grids & Graticules tab in layer properties but that is just for layout view.

Mapping Center Answer:

The tool to create permanent grid polygon features is the Create Fishnet tool, located within the Data Management Tools toolbox, Feature Class toolset. The output will be a set of rectangular polygons, with the option of creating label points for each as well. Cartographic grid symbology such as tics or neatline-type labels will need to be created separately.

RUNNING ArcGIS 9.1 - Creating polygon square grids posted by Darlene Kisner on Apr 7 2008 12:10PM
We are running ArcGIS 9.1 still through the regional Citrix environment. Create Fishnet option is not available in 9.l. However I was on the test panel for 9.2 in the citrix environment, so tried to use this tool. It did not come out in the proper location, even though I used our coordinates. I do not understand what goes in all the fields on the Create Fishnet screen. I will need to create a 5-mile grid of 7 columns of grids and 6 rows of grids. Then I will also need to create a 1-mile grid to overlay the 5-mile grid. I am not sure how to get started now.
Create Fishnet Help - or ArcScript posted by Peter Kasianchuk on Apr 7 2008 12:21PM
You'll definitely want to consult the help files available with the Create Fishnet tool - specifically the document titled How Create Fishnet Works . For example, you need to explicitly define the X,Y coordinate points for the bottom left corner of the fishnet - that's the origin.

Another option for those who don't have ArcGIS 9.2 is to use the script titled "Create a grid polygon shapefile [FISHNET]" available for download from the ESRI Support Site - ArcScripts. It's title number 12807
inadequate "Help" for fishnet tool posted by Dake Henderson on Dec 17 2008 11:50AM
I've found the Help does not explain what is required. Why don't these settings work?:
Fishnet Origin Coordinate:
X Coord: 132400 Y Coord: 861800
Y-Axis Coordinate:
X Coord: 132400 Y Coord: 861810
Cell Size Width: 24535
Cell size Height: 26670
Number of Rows: 3
Number of Columns: 3
(All other fields blank)

Or these settings??:
Fishnet Origin Coordinate:
X Coord: 132400 Y Coord: 861800
Y-Axis Coordinate:
X Coord: 132400 Y Coord: 861810
Cell Size Width: 0
Cell size Height: 0
Number of Rows: 3
Number of Columns: 3
Opposite corner of Fishnet:
X Coord: 206000 Y Coord: 941800

Environment settings: Mass State Plane meters
ahh- indeed the settings do work posted by Dake Henderson on Dec 17 2008 12:05PM
I typed in a file name with no path, and no default folder was utilized by the program.
How do you label the cells with lat/long values posted by R F on Jul 22 2010 6:48AM
As per the title!
Add x,y coords and label posted by Aileen Buckley on Jul 22 2010 10:38AM
You can add the x,y coordinates to the attribute table and then use them to label the cells. To add the coords, open the attribute table, add a field, make it short integer, right click the new field, select Calculate Geometry and then choose the appropriate property option (e.g., X Coordinate of Centroid). Do this for both the x and y coords. Note that you can choose what coordinates are calculated and what units are used. Once the coordinates are in the attribute table, you can use them as label fields like you would for other labels.
Renumber fishnet grid posted by Kim Begay-Jackson on Nov 13 2014 6:11AM
I used the Create fishnet tool to create my grid. I would like to know how to renumber the grid.
Renumber the grid posted by Aileen Buckley on Nov 13 2014 3:43PM
You would have to add a field to recalculate the grid cell value. Here is an example that would reverse a single row or column of 20 cells:

([OID] - 20) * -1

where OID is the object ID .

To get the object IDs of the cells to equal the new calculated values, sort the attribute table on the field with the new values, then use the Sort (Data Management) tool to create a new feature class with the updated OIDs.
Backward labels posted by Margaret MacKrell on Jul 17 2015 8:15AM
How do I correct the way my labels are created? they read down to up and right to left instead. ie polygon A1 is J10. (10x10)
Labels reflect the OID posted by Aileen Buckley on Sep 11 2015 12:38PM
The labels reflect the object ID (OID) so you would have to add a new fields and calculate that to to have the values you would rather use. See the previous answer for some additional information.

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