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cassini-soldner italian catasto

December 12 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

i have a shp file on italian coordinate(catasto), based un system cassini-soldner on spheroid bessel 1841 oriented on genova datum.
the coordinate of centre of development of my district is lodi:
lat. 45°18'49.219'' e long.0°34'53.166''
(gauss-bohaga(m) N.5017990,42 E.1539453,24)
(UTM(m) N.5017970,25 E.539426,36 zone 32N)

cassini soldner at esri resource center:

description of catasto cartographic system:

i want to view this shp file in coordinate system ED_1950_UTM_Zone_32N.

Mapping Center Answer:

You are working with a system of local Cassini-Soldner coordinate systems that total 849 origins. What you need are the geographic transform parameters for the local Italian Cadastre of the Lodi District on the Genova Datum (there are two of them - Genova 1874 and Genova 1908) to a datum that is more common. The IGM (Istituto Geografico Militare) or the local Lodi district cadastre office may be able to supply those parameters at this time.

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