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Click the map, add a call-out with coordinates from clicked point.

December 12 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Labeling

Is there a way to click on a map and add coordinates to a new call-out (ArcView license)? What we need to do is click on a point on the map, and have a call-out appear with the coordinates (from the Status bar at the bottom of the screen) inserted into the call-out.

We need to show the coordinates along a proposed road, at each bend in the road, so that field workers can know they are in the right location when the proposed road is in a wooded area.

Mapping Center Answer:

The simplest way to do this is to locate the points in a new point feature class, then a new item to the attribute table (labelled latitude). Then right-click the field heading and select Calculate Geometry.  In the dialog box you can then specify what to Latitude and you'll populate the field with the latitude.  Repeat to get a new longitude field and you can then label your new points using the information in these fields.

If you already know the lat/long points in advance you could also use the Goto XY tool.

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