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Exporting a graph

December 13 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Page Layout

I am using ArcGIS10 and I am trying to create a graph (vertical bar or scatter plot). My problem is that when I export the graph as JPEG and then try to insert the picture into my map I am getting a poor quality graph. I tried to export the graph as pdf and the quality is good, but than I am experiencing difficulties with the size of the graph.... I am creating a letter size map so the graph should be small in size on my display. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

It sounds like you are creating the graph outside ArcMap and trying to import it into your layout?  The advice would be to use a lossless format such as PNG (rather than JPEG). This should preserve the quality and you can resize appropriately.

The ArcGIS Resource Center also contains lots of help on Working with Graphs in Layout View.

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