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How do you build a building index using a grid?

December 16 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I am looking to create an index of buildings using a grid that is a shapefile with polygons. I want to list out the buildings that fall into each grid. How do you do this? I am on ArcGis 10?

A building, B4
B building, A2
C building, B3

Mapping Center Answer:

Run Intersect on the buildings and grid feature classes with the Join Attribute option. This will create a table of records with all the buildings and all the grid values combined. If you have multiple part buildings with the same name you’ll end up with duplicate records (This is more common with streets than with buildings). You can run a Frequency using building name and grid cell value (A1, B1, etc.) to get rid of the duplicate records if you want. The result is a table with all the unique combinations, and then a count.

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