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Keeping labels from behind legends

December 16 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling

I have not been able to find a simple way to setup any labeling engine to suppress labels from behind graphic objects without either converting to annotation and manually placing or creating an invisible feature class similar to the object size.

Question: Is there a way for arcgis to recognize "floating" legends, titles, or tables when labeling to prevent labels from hiding behind these objects?

Example: A legend resides in the corner of a map overlapping a portion of a road layer. The road layer label is only half visible. (No, moving the legend is not an option and I deliberately want to cover that part of the map to take advantage of space).

Mapping Center Answer:

There isn't a way to configure the labeling engines to avoid other map elements on a layout. You could use masks and other graphic objects added to the layout to overprint the labels though in the case of your example this might not be optimal.

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