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How do I change strategy order in Label Placement Properties?

December 16 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

This has me extremely confused: I am trying to label the counties in a new map and the letter spacing changes in an effort to fit the labels in the county boundaries. I do not want this. The option to Compress Labels in Width the Character Spacing options are greyed-out so that I can't select them.

I have another map that has the labels like I want (on the identical feature class), but the Placement Properties window is different. I am attaching screen shots to show the two differing Placement Properties windows.

I suspect that the first map has a Labeling Style set to it, but I do not know what style would give me the options that the second (preferred) map has or how to remove a Style altogether.

I am using ArcDesktop 10 (ArcView license)and do not have MapPlex.

Thank You,

Mapping Center Answer:

Your 'problem map' in the picture is using Maplex but because you do not have Maplex ArcMap has used the settings but placed them in read-only mode.  To fix this, revert to the standard label engine and the options will be available for you to modify the letter spacing and other parameters.

Thank you posted by Lillian Huffman on Dec 19 2011 7:03AM
Thank you. I thought it would be something simple that I was missing. The map had been started by someone else before I began work here, so I did not know it had been developed from a template with Maplex enabled. Thanks for your help.
Happy to help! posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 15 2012 12:50PM
Glad you are all set now!

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