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Is there a way to turn symbolized data on and off (much like layers)

December 21 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

s there a way to turn symbols on and off? I know you can remove symbols at the symbology tab, but my client would like the option to turn them on or off (much the same as turning a layer on or off). The only option I can think of is to make copies of the same layer for each of the symbology types and switch these on or off.

Thanks in advance.

Mapping Center Answer:

The only way to achieve this is as you've identified, by creating a separate layer for the symbols so that they can be turned off (by deselcting the layer in the Table of Contents) yet the underlying boundaries remain visible.

If you want to do this for data within a layer then you'd first need to use a Definition Query to select certain features and export them as separate layers.  That way you could have multiple layers, each with separate symbol classes that could be turned on and off independently.

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