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Geographic Transformation from WGS_1984 to mstm (GRS_1980 Geographic Coordinate System)

December 28 2011 | 0 comments
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I am having trouble finding the correct geographic tranformation from WGS_1984 to MSTM. Can anyone help me. I have googled it to death, yet can't find anything showing what transformation to use. Thanks in advance.

Mapping Center Answer:

Mississippi (MS) Transverse Mercator (TM) is based on the North American Datum of 1983, and is located within the ArcGIS Projections library in the Projected Coordinate Systems --> State Systems  folder and called "NAD_1983_Mississippi_TM".  I verified the parameters of that coordinate system with the information I found below on the MSTM via Google.   

The transformation you should use is NAD_1983_To_WGS_1984_4, which is best for the continental U.S. (as opposed to other portions of the U.S. or generally for North America).

Last, if you ever need this or similar information, I was able to sort this out by using the Geographic Transformations available in ArcGIS 10 that is also available on MappingCenter via the ArcGIS Resources Tab, and it's currently the 3rd item in the list on the "More" tab.


Mississippi Transverse Mercator (MSTM)

The MARIS Technical Center (MTC) and the Mississippi Department of  Transportation (MDOT) jointly developed a map projection for Mississippi called  the Mississippi Transverse Mercator (MSTM) Projection. When viewing geographic  data on a statewide level, the MSTM projection alleviates the multiple-zone conflict inherent in UTM and State Plane systems.The problem with both of these  systems is that each divides the state into an east and west zone that cannot be  digitally displayed together.

The MSTM projection is a customized Transverse Mercator projection designed  to more evenly distribute convergence and scale-factor, and is based on the  North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83). The projection parameters of the MSTM  projection are as follows:

Scale Factor: 0.9998335
Central Meridian: -89 45' 00''
Central Latitude: 32 30' 00''
False Northing: 1,300,000 meters
False Easting: 500,000 meters
Projection Units: meters
Spheroid: GRS80
Datum: NAD83

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