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Mile Markers

December 28 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

How can I put mile markers on my polyline?
I have been trying to use the measuring tool, but I think there should be a more efficient method.

I have been trying to add a new trail extension, and the last person to update the shapefile simply drew markers at arbitrary points it seems.
I have tried the create a route tool, but to no advance.

If anyone could assist, I would be grateful.

P. S I cannot ask this question at my pc at work, the option to submit this question is not available so I am unable to upload my mxd becaue I a submitting on my iPhone.

Mapping Center Answer:

The Editor via the Edit menu has a command called, "Split".  Select the line (trail) you want to divide into equal portions and then choose the Split command from the Editor menu, and you will get a window with options for how to split up the line, which includes a specific distance (which will be the distance units of your data's coordinate system, so you may need to produce a conversion factor in order to use miles).  

In case you were familiar with or are still using an older version of ArcGIS, the Divide command is what you'll be looking for--at 10, we replaced the Divide command with additional functionality in Split. See the What's new in editing help topic for more information about this and other improvements to editing in ArcGIS 10.

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