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Convert Jagged Lines to Smooth Lines

January 03 2012 | 3 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design, Symbology

How do you convert jagged lines to smooth ones. I recently obtained a copy of "Designing Maps", and noticed the smooth lines of Highways which the picture I attached is not smooth but jagged. Help would be apprecaited.

Mapping Center Answer:

There are a number of useful tools for generalization in the Cartography toolboxSmooth Line would be appropriate for this task.

Failed to Mention posted by Joshua James on Jan 4 2012 1:05PM
I have ArcView license only. Is there a work around for ArcView users?
Check the Functionality Matrix posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 9 2012 5:26PM
Best thing to do when you are trying to find out if a particular function is avialable at a particular level is to check the Functionality Matrix -- you can find copies for 10 and 9.3 here on Mapping Center on the ArcGIS Resources - More page:

You will see that the generalization tools require an ArcEditor or ArcInfo level license.
Try MapShaper posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 9 2012 5:31PM
It just occurred to me since you cannot use the generalization tool with an ArcView level license that you might want to check out MapShaper, an online tool for smoothing linework that can be input in the form of shapefiles. There is a link to it from our Other Resources - Cartographers' Favorites page:

Or access it directly here:

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