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error in reclassification

January 06 2012 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I am trying to do a raster analysis, where I need to reclassify few raster data
such as slope, aspect, precipitation and more including the DEM I have created from 20m interval
contour.  When I tried to reclassify all raster data sets, there were no problem in reclassifying, but then I did the same method for DEM, it was not reclassified properly. I need to reclassify into two classes with value 1 <=1600, and 0 for >1600 cell values. I am attaching the zip file here with.
thanking you

Mapping Center Answer:

You should use the use Reclassify tool, where you can provide ranges of old classes and then the reclassed value.

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