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Populate a newly created field in an attribute table with one value

January 10 2012 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data


I would like to populate a newly created field in a feature's attribute table with a single value after creating a selected set.

I am working with a large stream/river network created from a watershed analysis, and would like to symbolize the large rivers differently. Currently, I am selecting the line segments that correspond to large rivers and then manually assigning them an 'R' value in the newly created field. At the end I will then categorize the stream/river network based on unique values in this field to achieve different symbology between streams and rivers.

However, to avoid manually typing in an 'R' for each river segment, is there a way to assign the same value to a common field in a selected set? Thanks for your help!

Mapping Center Answer:

First, use the Selection tools to select the features that you want to have the same attribute.

Here are some online help documents that discuss selecting features:  Selecting features interactively, Using Select by Location, Using Select by Attributes, Using Select by GraphicsSelecting features while editing

Then calculate the field with the value you want the features to have.  The calculation will only apply to those features that are currently selected.

Here are some online help documents that discuss calculating field values: About editing attributes, Editing attributes in the Attributes window (you can also edit attributes in an Edit session - see the next online help topic listed).

Finally, here is the online help document for Applying the same attribute values to multiple features in a layer

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