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density dependent symbology

January 11 2012 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

Esri's Community Analyst displays a different number of symbols marking the locations of business depending on how far you zoom in or zoom out. When you zoom out and where there are clusters of symbols (push pins) fewer push pins appear with numeric values indicating that where once you saw 5 symbols now only one symbol marked with the number "5" is visible.

Is it possible to generate this type of symbology in ArcMap 10?

I have a large number of locations that I would like to display at the same time but many are clustered around cities making the map around cities look like a blur of dots.


Mapping Center Answer:

The way to do this in ArcMap is to use a definition query to specify which features to show, and a scale range for the layer to define the scales at which those features defined by the query will be displayed. 

Here is a blog entry that explains this concept and how it was used to create Esri multi-scale online basemaps: Working with layers and scale ranges

Also check out the online help documentation for definition queries and scale ranges.


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