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Graphics/Symbols borders are in the way

February 02 2012 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I'm editing a recent file and the symbology/layer that I converted to graphics is hindering the rest of the map. The graphics "borders" are too large and I can't get to the annotation behind the graphics.

My only solution currently is to enter the properties dialog via double click or right click, and then cancel/OK, which then makes the "borders" normal again (same size as the symbol).

This is tedious as there are several maps and several thousand symbols. How can I fix this?

Mapping Center Answer:

The graphics sit above your data layers. The only way to be able to re-order your graphics underneath your feature layers is to convert them back to features. To do this, on the Draw toolbar, click the Select Elements button and click the graphic(s) you want to convert to features. On the Draw toolbar, click Convert to Features.

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