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February 02 2012 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I would like to export just the shape of my city. So in essence when I want the map in a PowerPoint I have no say white background. So if I put it on a blue, green or purple background there is none of the background noise.

Currently I fix it in photoshop but I would like to save to the time that I am spending doing that

Mapping Center Answer:

There are many alternative ways to export a map and what the output file looks like will depend on what you have on your map.  If you have any raster data or rasterized symbology (e.g. bitmaps, transparency) then the output will be rasterized and you will get a white background extending to the extent of the layer with the largest extent.

There are ways to detect whether you have rasterization issues and also advice on minimizing the impact in the Exporting your map help topic.  If you only have vector data then picking a vector export type will avoid the white background.

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