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How do I exclude the pie chart symbol from the legend?

July 23 2007 | 2 comments

When using pie charts in a map, ArcMap automatically places a pie chart symbol in the legend.
How do I exclude the pie chart symbol from the legend but retain the patch symbols for the different fields (without converting the legend to graphics)?

Mapping Center Answer:

1. Once you have your legend element in the layout, open it’s properties and go to the items tab.

2. In the Legend Items column select only your layer that is using the pie charts and click the Style button.

3. In the Legend Item Selector dialog box, click the Properties button.

This next step is what works, though it’s obviously a bug in the user interface.

4. In the next to last item on the Legend Item dialog box, called “Only show classes from this header:” choose the last (third) item, “” even though the second item above it says exactly the same thing.

5. Click OK on all the dialogs to close them.

That should do the trick. Thanks,

Ingenious solution posted by Nicholas McWilliam on Sep 24 2013 5:54AM
...Seems to work fine in 10.1 - thanks for posting!
Funny posted by Aileen Buckley on Sep 24 2013 9:34AM
It's funny that you have to use a bug in the system to your advantage to solve this!

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