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labeling cluster points

February 08 2012 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Symbology

Hi Esri Inc,

I'm trying to label points which are clustered at a scale of around 1:200 000 and it is very difficult to label based on the clustering and the length of the name. Each point has to be displayed and labeled so is there a way apart from manually doing this (i.e., converting labels to annotation) to label these clusters points? I have attached a screenshot of the problem at hand.

Kind Regards.

Mapping Center Answer:

Here are some blog entries we wrote about dispersing clustered point symbols - one solution uses Maplex and two use the Disperse Markers tool. If you use the Disperse Markers tool, then the labels will be placed relative to the newly positioned points.

  1. Displaying Coincident Points - this uses Maplex
  2. How to scatter stacked or clustered marker symbols for point features - this uses the Disperse Markers tool
  3. Using the Disperse Markers tool to show community amenities - this uses the Disperse Markers tool


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