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250 Point Limit [ARCGIS Online]

February 10 2012 | 0 comments
Categories: Web Maps

I have a Shapefile that has over 2000 data points in it. I need to represent this data with an online map. I just need the map to show the points, not the data that goes along with them. What tool can I use to basically turn the data into a picture(polygon) with only one row of data?

Mapping Center Answer:

The simplest way to add this many points currently is to subdivide your data into several shapefiles and add them seperately.  The theoretical maximum number of features is 1000 per shapefile but this may be lower depending on the complexity of your data.  If you do not need to have attributes then you could delete these from the attribute table (but be careful to not delete the original data so use a copy) to make the shapefile smaller in file size.

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