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Visual Specification Table

February 12 2012 | 0 comments

I have created a visual specification table which now appears to be corrupted. When I finished creating the table there were over 500 specification rules. A large number of these rules have disappeared. We were hoping to migrate the VST into a production environment. When I have exported the vvs file from one environment SDE and imported the vvs file into a file GDB and back again I get an ESRI error message saying that I have no room and need to create a new vs table. When I try another import of the same vvs file I get a different number of rules making the export/import functionality very unpredictable. We are using visual specifications to link our offical names database to our topographic database in a replicated cartographic database and to enable feature overides of symbology and feature placement in a replicated cartographic database for symbol clarity in our 1:20k road guide. Is there anyone out ther who has successfully used visual specifications in complex medium scale maps or have had problems with rules dissappearing or rules changing layer destinations? We are using ArcMap Desktop 9.3.1 service pack 2.4.

Mapping Center Answer:

That is something related to our Production Mapping solution -- please contact Esri's Technical Support for help with this issue - you can get to them through this link here on Mapping Center.

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