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importing data

April 14 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

1. How to import GPS data to view in base map

Mapping Center Answer:

The most simple method to add point coordinate data, such as that collected from a GPS device, is to add the data into ArcMap as a table (in one of the supported formats such as .txt). Then, from the Source tab of the Table Of Contents, right-click on the table and select Display XY Data. You will need to know which field contains which coordinates (i.e. X and Y values), but your GPS data is likely well formatted for this. Display data will create a new temporary feature layer (an event table) which you can then use as any other ArcMap feature layer - you can also export the data to a permanent feature class, but this will only be in point geometry.

Another method for you to investigate is if your GPS device comes with processing software which contains an export-to-shapefile option. This might provide you with the option of exporting your raw GPS data to point, line, or polygon geometry.

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