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Link to another document preserved in exported file

April 18 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects, Map Elements

I would like to add an object to a layout using the insert object function. First off I would like to know whether or not I can change the actual symbol of the inserted object to anything I choose, like a symbol for a pdf document if I inserted a pdf. Secondly, I would like to know whether or not if I exported the layout to a PDF that inserted symbol would be preserved in place and then I would be able to click on the inserted pdf symbol within the newly exported PDF, and another document would open. Basically I want a pdf with a hyperlink on the page in which if I clicked on a certain "icon" another document would open.
I hope that makes sense.

Mapping Center Answer:

The insert object function is something cannot be guaranteed to work.  Essentially we cannot guarantee that anyone who comes along and creates some kind of object and exposes their object in a way that plays with the Windows clipboard will have done their work properly.  We've also had a number of issues with the variety of items that should work not always doing well.  For instance if someone makes a .EMF file and it contains a symbol or object that happens to display in ArcMap does not guarantee that that symbol/object can be displayed in a PDF file.

That said, we don't support embedding hyperlinks through to PDF file, but...

if you just have a label or text element that is a valid URL, export it to PDF and Acrobat will treat it as a hyperlink.  ArcMap's hyperlinks will not work, but if you label your features with the hyperlink string, that will do as good (though the impact to your cartography may be severe). 

Also, test what you do, first on your computer and then on someone else's computer.   

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