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Automatic Display And Update Of Projection Datum Used In Data Frame

April 18 2008 | 1 comment
Categories: Cartographic Effects, Map Elements

Are there any tools or methods whereby you have a text field (or similar presentation) on your map and it automatically lists the projection/datum/coordinate system/etc. of a data frame? So that if you decided to change the projection then the text field (or equivalent) would automatically update with the new information?

Mapping Center Answer:

There's nothing in the core software to do this, but the PLTS extension does have this feature as well as tons of other features for creating and producing map series.  A lighter-weight solution is the MapBook for ArcMap,which has page specific text elements that are data driven, so you could create a custom text string for each map sheet and accomplish the task that way.

 Both of these solutions will put you in the mindset of producing a map series, and will require some time and effort to get up to speed.

Document Info Element posted by Lee Morgan on Apr 22 2008 11:07PM
Another option is to use the script titled "Document Info Element" available for download from the ESRI Support Site - Arc Scripts. Its title number is 14718 & features a map projection text element.
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Tip: If you have multiple data frames with different projections the top most data frame in your TOC will take precedence only.

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