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Add Pictures To Layout Via Raster Field Type

April 19 2008 | 1 comment

If I have a raster field type in a feature class , I can click on a little icon next to the raster (after identifying a feature) and within the ArcMap interface a 'Raster Viewer' window pops up.

Is there anyway I could quickly add this raster image to my layout? And have a leader to the point that I identified?

This would be a cool feature.

George Newbury

Mapping Center Answer:

This type of functional enhancement requires programming expertise and custom code.  While a recent search of the ESRI Development Network ( didn't find a code sample which does all of this, you could perhaps combine code samples from different samples to achieve your goal. 

ArcPhoto posted by Tanner Kneese on Aug 4 2009 12:53PM
Check out ArcPhoto from the ArcScripts download page... I think this tool will do what you need.

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