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Text Manipulation

April 28 2008 | 2 comments
Categories: Labeling

Will any planned future versions of ArcGIS allow the user to dynamically rotate text elements similar to Adobe Illustrator?

Mapping Center Answer:

If I interpret your question correctly: "dynamically rotate" means "manually rotate".  You can do this already with Annotation or graphic text - but not with labels. 

You can set labels for point features to rotate "automatically", i.e. based on a feature attribute, but labels for line or polygon features will initially follow feature geometry based on user settings.

Reply posted by Bruce Burwell on Apr 28 2008 9:06PM
What I mean is you can't grab handles and spin the graphic or pull it to make it larger. To angle text you have to double click and enter a rotation value.
Consult ArcGIS Desktop Help posted by Peter Kasianchuk on Apr 29 2008 8:50AM
Functionality will depend upon what and how you've added your text.
Annotation provides the most flexibility, see: Edition Annotation Features
Both label and graphic text will rotate, but will not scale - to do that you need to change the font size.

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