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Show overlapping lines

April 28 2008 | 6 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

I'm trying to create a map of the different bus routes around a certain area. I have the shapefiles for them but they overlap at many streets. When this happens, I see the shapefile that is on top with small hints of other routes peeking out from below. Also, though the routes run on the same streets, they constantly overlap and intersect each other.

How do I get the bus routes to display nicely so that they are side-by-side, rather than right on top of each other?

Mapping Center Answer:

It's not an easy problem, though we eventually found a way to do this using ArcGIS 9.2 and the Schematics extension.  We wrote it up late last year in a blog entry called Create route maps with ArcGIS Schematics extension.

Any updates? posted by kimberly clark on Aug 18 2011 4:55PM
Has there been any updates to ArcMap 9.3 or 10 to solve this issue out of the box?
Still the same - mostly! posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 24 2011 11:48AM
The process is still the same for now. The only difference is in the last 2 steps where it was exported for better symbology etc… In 10.0, schematics was changed to just be features in feature classes that are drawn in the map as feature layers. So you can use core labeling and symbology, including Maplex, directly on the schematic. So depending on how advanced the cartographic needs are (e.g., do you need representations?), you might be able to skip those last 2 steps now using version 10 schematics. But if you still really need advanced cart (representations etc…) then nothing has really changed.
overlapping lines posted by Jack ZHANG on Feb 7 2012 5:42PM
Will be there any improvement about this "million-dollar question" on 10.1?
New solution! Resolve Road Conflicts!!! posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 14 2012 1:06PM
In ArcGIS 10, we introduces some new tools for generalization and one will take care of the problem you are talking about. Resolve Road Conflicts is the tool you want to investigate -- here is the link to the online help topic "How Resolve Road Conflicts works":
Conflict/Overlap map roads posted by Yazan Abu-Meshrif on Dec 28 2014 8:45PM
I have network buses in this network I have many buses take the same road/path so they appear bus track above the other, so my question is how to represent it in many lines every line beside the other.
Carto reps or Schematics posted by Aileen Buckley on Dec 30 2014 2:45PM
We have been asked thsi question before:

There are a couple of approaches you can take:
1. You could use use cartographic representations if you only have a few routes where you can edit the representation geometry (by selecting just a subset of vertexes and moving them parallel). For simple maps this will be faster--but for any complex maps, even with just 4 or 5 routes, it will be faster to use the Schematics-based solution
2. Using the Schematics extension you can manager more routes. Here is a blog entry that explains how you can do this:

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