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Indexgrid for analysis

May 02 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I'm quite new to ArcMAp. I'm building street maps, and I use the 'internal' Dataframe properties -> Grid -> Index Grid for making (8*13) gridlines and references (A->, and 1->) on the map. OK for the grid itself.

My question : How can we get hold of the index grid's "regions" as data, for production of references for our data in the map (here : poi's and places as points) (ex restaurant xx - indexroute B9)

Im aware of the possibility of creating the gridlines/regions as data in a separate layer, using a GIS tool or similar, and then load them to the map. This would be easy when the map frame is paralelll to the coordinate system, but then, my frame is rotated, and it is more complicated to calculate the same lines as the autogenerated ArcMAp Index Grid.

Is there a function "Export Index grid as Shape" or maybe "Convert index gridregions (graphics) to features) ?

Any reply, tips or hints, would be appreciated.

Mapping Center Answer:

There's no function to export the grids with data (other than what is in the PLTS extension).  The Grid cells are created as polygons and those can be accessed via ArcObjects. 

We did a blog entry late last year that discusses some of the options, including an ArcObjects sample for creating grid cell polygons that you could adapt and use in lieu of what you're doing now.

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