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Group layers to show different symbology at different scales

May 07 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I'm creating a .mxd that I can cache at different scales to be posted to the web via ArcGIS Server. I'm using group layers for each feature and changing the symbology at each scale for the layer. Then when I cache the map and view it over the web, the table of contents shows the group layer and the symbology at each scale, which I think looks really bad. I think the TOC should only show the symbology for whichever scale the map is at. Is there a different way I should go about this? Is this something behind the scense of ArcGIS Server that I can customize? Or can I do something different in my .mxd? I was thinking that maybe cartographic representations could solve this. Can I make new rules in the layer to show different symbology at different scales?

Mapping Center Answer:

We did a blog entry not long ago that addresses part of this issue. It makes things a little better in the sense that you can manage data themes in the map service client.  But it won't fix the experience of just showing somebody that each water layer is blue without showing as many blue legend items as you have scale dependent layers.

One option, if you're using a fused cache and are not relying on Query services within your map, is to create a dummy map that has just the layers you want to show for a legend.  Controlling visibility, etc., won't be an issue on a fused cache. The idea is once your map is cached, you can substitute any MXD file of that is named the same as the MXD that was used to create the service. I would definitely suggest testing/experimenting with this on an internal server rather than your production server until you get the hang of what is happening.

Also, using representations will not impact this issue; even if you added representation classes for all your scales, you'd still need layers in an MXD to use each of the representation classes.

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