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Cloud-Like Representations

May 13 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations, Symbology

I am trying to set up a representation rule to depict areas of vegetation with a cloud-shaped polygon or line. There doesn't seem to be a geometric effect that covers this. Please could you point me in the right direction.

Mapping Center Answer:

Okay, so I had to think about this for a bit, but there is a way to do this.  Using representations, what you want to do is add an effect to your polygon rule.  The effect is for a Marker and you want to set it so it is either Along the line (for constant-size puffs on the edges), or Variable size.   I enclosed a picture of what I tried.  I was using a solid tree-top marker.  If you make the fill color the same as the marker color (maybe even a gradient--buffer style) you can get a pretty decent effect.

The way I got the tree top symbol was to convert a point layer's symbols to representations and then I saved the marker from that to my personal style as a representation marker.  The font that has the treetops is ESRI US Forestry 2.

It looks like I can only attach one image, so here's what the constant size option looked like.

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