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Modifying the legend's fonts

May 15 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I am having a very difficult time trying to design the look and feel of the legend. I can not increase the size of the font, I can not make the font be regular or normal instead of bold, and I can not increase the size of the symbols accompanying the titles in the legend.  Could you please guide me to where to go to modify these? Is there any guide or book that I could consult to obtain this information?
Thank you so much.

Mapping Center Answer:

In terms of setting the font for the legend, there is one shortcut--when you have the legend object selected, you can use the text properties on the Draw toolbar to change the font for the legend.  The caveat is that it will affect all text in the legend--so the title as well as the legend class labels will be affected.   Thus, the easy way to change the legend's text is to use the Draw toolbar, even if it changes the title.  This is because if you open the legend properties dialog, it is a little easier to change how the title's text looks (on the Legend tab of the Legend Properties dialog box). 

To change the font for any given layer in the legend go to the Items tab of the Legend Properties, then iclick the Symbol button.  However, before you do that you have the option to apply those changes to all the layers, or just to layers that you select in the Legend Items list above.   You can also decide which part of a legend item will be affected by your choice of symbol.

In terms of general resources, the online help has some good information, but isn't so well focused on editing legends.  The help topic on working with map elements has the most information and provides links to other topics that might help.

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