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May 19 2008 | 1 comment

Is it possible to take a CAD drawing and convert it to an ESRI format, manipulate the data and then push the drawing back to CAD. I know there is suite of tools in the toolbox that can do this task at the Info license level, but currently at my job I have ArcView. Is there functionality at a lower license level???

Mapping Center Answer:

You do not have export-to-CAD functionality available with the ArcView licence. However, you can use Copy/Paste within an ArcMap edit session to convert CAD features into an existing feature class.

GIS to CAD conversion with ArcGIS ArcView posted by Margaret Maher on Jun 17 2008 9:25AM
Knowledge Base article 31527 on the ESRI Support page has instructions for adding the ArcView 8.x Conversion Tools to ArcCatalog. The Shapefile to DXF conversion Tool in that toolbox will export to an R12 DXF format, which will open in both AutoCAD and Microstation.

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