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How can I get scale text to use the symbol '=' rather than the word 'equals'?

June 10 2008 | 2 comments

I want my scale text to read:
1" = 100'.

The only styles I can choose from seems to all use the literal word "equals". How can I get scale text to use the symbol = rather than the word equals?

Mapping Center Answer:

Once you have created and placed your scale text with its final appearance on your map, convert it to graphics. This will allow you to treat the scale text object as a text string, and you can change "equals" to "=" in the properties window. Keep in mind the 'convert to graphics' is a one-way step, and if you change the map scale you will need to manually update the scale text.

not good enoug. posted by Eric Hrnicek on Jul 3 2008 6:15AM
not good enough. I'm producing plots in bulk fashion. The point of using the scale bar was to allow it to be dynamic.
One other possibility posted by Charlie Frye on Jul 3 2008 8:51AM
I checked the ArcObjects API for IScaleText and there isn't even way to change the "equals" string there. So, there's nothing to do but be creative.

I drew a white rectangle (my background is my white page) over the text "1" equals" and then inserted a new text element "1" =" on top of that, aligning it with my xxxx' text from the scale text element that was not masked.

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