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Inset maps as individual layouts?

June 13 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Publishing

Without creating new map documents, is there a way to make individual layouts of inset maps? For example, I have a small-scale map with two large-scale insets (data frames). I'd like to print at 8 1/2 x 11 scale for a report but there's not enough room on one 8 1/2 x 11 layout for everything (i.e. the underlying map plus two insets). I'd like to make the two inset maps into their own 8 1/2 x 11 layouts using the same map elements (title, legend, logo, etc.) as the original reference map. I envision labeling the extent rectangles as "see Map 1" and "see Map 2" on the original map. I recall hearing something long ago about an ArcObjects download for DS Map Book, but I don't know anything about that or if it would even be relevant to this issue. Thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

Normally you would need to create separate map documents if you wanted to have layout elements like scale bars and legends included on the 8.5 x 11 maps.  If you didn't need those things, then you could just use Data View to pan and zoom to locations for insets and export the map to a format that would work for compiling your report.

If you need layout elements, etc., then see Ask a Cartographer Question:, which explains where to get the MapBook extension, which will allow you to do what you want, though for a simple one-time need case it will probably be much faster to create the extra map documents.




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