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How to use representations to offset overlapping points

June 24 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects, Cartographic Representations

I have a shapefile that has number of points denoting the locations of various species of fish. Needless to say some of these locations are identical for various species. So When I go to display them Some species are not displaying as other species are on top of them.

I think there was an item in this section some time ago for dealing with this situation. Could you please direct me to that or better still give me some ideas to represent each species without actually moving the point locations. What I meant by saying “without actually moving the point” is that I don’t want to physically move the point.


I can easily convert the shapefile to a Geodatabase. Can you send me a write-up or direct me towards one that will help me started with representation symbology and a methodology / example for the offset process that I can follow?

Mapping Center Answer:

On the maps tab, the Gulf of St. Lawrence map has a topic called Shifting city point symbols to avoid symbols of other features.  The workflow described there will work for your data as well; the only difference is that you will be avoiding the symbols of features within your dataset, rather than other features' symbols.

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