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Oil and pipeline symbology in ArcGIS

July 04 2008 | 1 comment
Categories: Symbology

I would like know all the oil symbology for represent surface facilities, as for example plants, pipelines, trunklines, batteries, locations, accessories of pipes, etc. I would like know the form and colors of they for the diferents flowed.

Mapping Center Answer:

There are two styles that ship with ArcgIS, one called and the other Petroleum

These represent all the predefined symbols for the petroleum industry available in ArcGIS.  As for examples of maps, I found quite a few just by Googling.


Supplemental Information posted by Jaynya Richards on Jul 9 2008 10:54AM
ArcGIS styles related to Petroleum, both US and UK versions were based on normalized symbols as submitted from the PUG(thanks to William Wally, Then chair of PUG, via Chevron) from 1998-2004 and certainly newer than 1995.
The has many of the examples you list in your question, showing color and form for different flow-lines.
The entire library of ArcGIS Symbols can be viewed as pdf pages from the following link.

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