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How to print/export a big map in several sheets?

July 22 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I am compilling the 1:5M Digital Geological Map of Asia. Due to the map is too big, it is difficult to export the map to a JPG (300DPI)image in ArcMap. Also, I couldn't find a good way to print the map in several sheets with some parts overlay. I remembered the map can be divided into several sheets with 0.5'overlay with ArcPress, but I can't find this function in ArcGIS 9.2?
Any suggestions? Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

So, first, you have ArcPress by default with ArcGIS 9.2 (so you can just pick the ArcPress printer engine in Print Setup).  As long as your Page and Print Setup dialog does not have the setting for "Use Printer Paper Settings" checked, you'll see the options for tiling in the Print dialog.

In terms of your first problem--producing a 300 DPI jpeg, I set up a map at page size 120" x 88" and that allowed me to make a data frame showing asia at 1:5,000,000.  At 300 DPI that will produce an image that is 36,000 x 26,400 pixels.  That's large, but not ridiculous.  It took a little over 5 minutes to produce on my laptop and produced a JPEG file that was about 25Mb.   So, make sure you've got enough disk space and memory--we wrote a help topic a few years ago that discusses the issues in detail called Printing a map.  We've also got a Knowledge Base technical article that addresses some additional issues.

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