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Creating a grid index

July 24 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Labeling, Map Elements

I am creating a map set for our city and want to be able to show a reference grid on an overview map, create individual maps (also with a grid) based on the overview grid and create an index for street names showing which nap number and part of the grid each street is in.
(ie: Main St - Map 17, Grid C9)
I really have no idea where to start...I haven't worked with Geocoding before and without knowing what exact key phrases to look for in the help it is very hard to figure out what the step-by-step process is. Any pointers would be great, thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

Most of this is covered in a blog entry we wrote a few months ago:  Creating Street Name Indexes

In terms of having no idea where to start, I suppose the good news is that you won't have to learn how to do geocoding (at least not for the part of your work that involves making these maps).

You'll need to spend some time practicing/prototyping the grids.  Just create one grid that has three fields: ColumnID, RowID, and PageID--you can Dissolve it later using PageID as the dissolve field to produce your overview grid.

We do have an extension that will automate the map production portion of the work.  One of the components of the PLTS (Production Line Tool Set) Extension is called MPS Atlas, which is a simpler and easier to use subset of PLTS created to do exactly what you described (I actually tried pretty much the scenario you described a few years ago when MPS Atlas first introduced, and it did the job).

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