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How do I make a single point on my map in exactly the location I need it to be?

August 21 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Elements

How do I make a single point on my map and how do I get it to the specific point that I want it

Mapping Center Answer:

You can add points to your map in two contexts, data view or layout view. In both cases you will use the same tool, which is on the Draw toolbar and is called “New Marker” and it can be found on the first drop-down tool menu on the left of the draw toolbar—the default tool is “New Rectangle.

You just click with that tool where you want the point to be located—that will get it roughly into position. To move that marker to a specific location, right-click on that marker while it is selected and choose “Properties”. In the properties window click on the Size and Position tab, which is where you can enter specific X and Y coordinates.

If you want to use geographic coordinates or projected coordinates you should add the marker while in Data view, if you want to locate the point in page units, you should be working in Layout view.

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