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Exporting Cartographic Representation Geometry

July 30 2008 | 1 comment
Categories: Cartographic Representations

Can you export the geometry of the cartographic representation to create a new layer? If not, is this a thought for the future?

Mapping Center Answer:

This is currently not supported.  We've been discussing this--while I don't know our plans, I think the problem is a bit easier to handle in 9.3 with the options for converting graphics to features.

Work around posted by Anna Schwabedal on Aug 14 2008 6:00AM
My assumptions:
- your Representation Class is not set to store Geometry Overrides in the SHAPE field, instead to store overrides in the OVERRIDE field
- you have an ArcInfo license

- copy your feature class
- change the edit behaviour of your representation class -> store Geometry Overrides in the SHAPE field
- use the Geoprocessing Tool "Update Override"
The tool will verify the overrides by storing the changed geometry to the SHAPE field - thus you "exported" the geometry of the representation in a way.

Anna Schwabedal
ESRI Suisse

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