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Exporting oversized maps to PDF

August 01 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I need to create a map that exceeds my plotter width and export it to PDF. The plotter will support 42" paper, but I want to create a map that is twice the width and height of an ANSI E drawing - 68"x88." I don't intend to plot it, only distribute it as a PDF. When I try to set a custom page size, I get an error message regarding the width.

Is this possible?

Mapping Center Answer:

I just tried this (in 9.3) and verified that it should work.  The key setting is on the Page and Print Setup dialog, in the Map Page Size section at the lower left, and the option called "Use Printer Paper Settings" should not be checked.  If that doesn't work, should contact ESRI's technical support.



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